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Online Log

Please NOTE, that we'll not have an internet on the island and onboard the yacht!! 

Online Log will be available only after came back to the mainland.

Please use this form to check your QSO and request a QSL-cards.

(must be ordered separately)

Bogoslova isl., AS-205

Paramushir isl., AS-204

QSL Routs

ClubLog OQRS  is strictly preferable!

It's Fast, Easy and Safe method to receive your R205NEW QSL-card.

But if for some reason you decided to sent a Direct mail, please use only this address:

Andrey N. Teterukov
P.O. Box 13
Mogilev-30, 212030

Andy EU7A will kindly help us with direct QSL-requests. (Thanks, Andy!)



"RUSSIAN FAR EAST 2019" plaque is issued for QSO with 2 new IOTAs:
R26RRC (AS-204) and R205NEW (AS-205) of "Russian Ribison Club" team in June 2019.

QSO with RI0ZK (AS-039) is "JOKER". We can count QSO with this station
if you could not work R26RRC or R205NEW.

This plaque has an original small stone from Bogoslova Island IOTA AS-205.

This plaque costs 39 EUR or 44 USD via PayPal.
PayPal account is

Plaque # 001 will be issued absolutely free.

Applications and questions please send to RW3DD.
E-mail is correct on QRZ.COM
More info

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